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The Palapa

The Palapa

Restaurant Entrance

Restaurant Entrance

The menu consists of mostly sharable plates such as the Not so Queso (a peanut dip served with roti), skewers (leg of lamb and Thai beef are both particularly good), and dumplings that have thin skins with savory, satisfying fillings of either Sichuan pork or butter chicken. Sweet and spicy fried chicken will satisfy those with larger appetites.

Troxell’s cocktails are lighter, more refreshing takes on classic tiki drinks; none of them are as overwhelmingly boozy as at a dedicated tiki temple like Lei Low. Start with the Low Tide, a spin on the classic Mai Tai, or the Seaward, which is served in a coconut.

On the bar-restaurant spectrum, full service makes it more of a restaurant than a place like Better Luck Tomorrow, but the snacky menu makes it more of a bar than La Lucha. It’s hard to imagine coming here just for the food, but very easy to think about spending a day sipping cocktails under the palapa. 1617 Richmond Ave.


The Toasted Coconut
A tiki bar and restaurant inspired by tropical cuisines north of the 20th parallel.
Who: Martin Stayer, Sara Stayer, Ben Ruiz, Sarah Troxell
Where: Montrose
September 5
Why it’s important: The team from Nobie’s opens a second concept, focusing on Caribbean and Southeast Asian cuisine. Bar director Sarah Troxell draws inspiration from tiki classics, while also looking beyond the tropical canon to include low-ABV options and less-conventional spirits.

The menu is full of shareable plates such as Jerk ChicharonesSichuan Pork dumplings and varieties of “Skewerz“, such as Thai Beef Tenderloin or our personal favorite, Reverse Pastor: al pastor-style marinated chunks of pineapple wrapped in bacon. Larger plates include a Whole Fish with Mala SauceBaja-Style Mussels with guajillo chili and either a half or whole order of Grandma’s Hot Chicken. “Thailand, Vietnam—basically if it touches the 20th parallel, we’ll work it into the kitchen,” said Stayer.

Troxell’s cocktail menu is split into three categories—Refreshing & Slam-able, Tropical & Bright and Big N’ Boozy — and includes classic cocktails as well as remixed versions and plenty of original creations. The Vamos A La Playa combines Del Maguey Vida mezcal, Uruapan Charanda blended rum, pineapple shrub and lime juice (and went down entirely too easily on a warm summer evening). The Seaward will grab your attention from across the restaurant. It’s a mix of Rhum J.M. blanc, coconut water, lime juice, mint and falernum (a Caribbean liqueur) served in a coconut.

Montrose restaurant and bar, Toasted Coconut, presents a chef-curated menu (think jerk chicharrones and fried chicken) and tiki-inspired bar program. Sips include the Jamaica Me Crazy with lime-flavored vodka, hibiscus, cherry, lime, and sparkling mineral water and the Low Tide with oloroso sherry, Jamaican rum, pecan orgeat, orange curacao, lime and bitters.

A new tiki bar has opened its doors in the neighborhood. Called The Toasted Coconut, the fresh arrival is located at 1617 Richmond Ave. in Montrose.

The Toasted Coconut serves traditional tiki drinks and tropical, island-inspired fare. The menu features international dishes like Thai cripsy rice, Baja-style mussels, jerk chicharones, whole fish with Mala sauce and skewered, grilled meats. Specialty cocktails can come in your choice of a vintage mug, glassware or a fresh coconut.

Toasted Coconut, 1617 Richmond: Chef Martin and Sara Stayer, and beverage director Sarah Troxell — the team behind the acclaimed Nobie’s — have opened tiki-inspired, Toasted Coconut.  While some might expect it to be a bar, it is a full-service restaurant with both shareable plates and full-sized entrées to dine on while sipping tropically inspired concoctions. Chef de cuisine Ben Ruiz offers dishes such as Eggplant in Vadouvan curry and marinated cucumber salad which really deliver on both taste and presentation — especially the spicy, crispy eggplant. Those in the mood for full-on dinner fare can enjoy the Whole Fish with Mala sauce (which can easily feed 2 people) and the Baja Style Mussels with guajillo and cilantro.

On the cocktail side, Troxell is debuting brand-new drinks such as the exquisitely boozy Sherry Sells Seashells By The Seashore with reposado tequila, manzanilla sherry, apricot and bitters, and The Seaward with Rhum J.M. blanc, coconut water, lime, mint and falernum.

The Toasted Coconut, a bar and restaurant drawing on tiki and tropical inspirations, opened Sept. 5 at 1617 Richmond Ave., Houston. Owned by husband and wife Chef Martin Stayer and Sara Stayer of Nobie’s Restaurant, Toasted Coconut offers a menu that includes shareable plates and larger dishes, in addition to a full bar offering 17 custom cocktails, craft beer and more.

The restaurant shared on Instagram yesterday: “It’s official! @gettoastedhtx IS NOW OPEN at 4PM everyday except Tuesdays!!!” The tiki bar is serving up cocktails with ingredients like rum and coconut water along with wine and beer, and there’s plenty to eat here too. The Toasted Coconut’s menu is focused on food from the 20th parallel north, which lends itself to crispy Thai rice, dumplings, and skewers.

The Toasted Coconut is in the space of the former Maria Selma, and the Stayers kept the palapa that defined that Mexican spot. There’s a patio with a waterfall, plus a neighboring “adult sandbox” called Cinnamon Cove.

But we’re not just talking about a bar here—the Toasted Coconut is a full restaurant with a kitchen run by Ben Ruiz, who spent the last eight years in Chicago. He has come south to serve as chef de cuisine at the Toasted Coconut, and leads a menu inspired by cuisines of the 20th parallel north (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico, Cuba). Items—small bites and larger plates—include a variety of dumplings, skewered foods, Thai crispy rice, whole fish with Mala sauce, Baja-style mussels, and Grandma’s hot chicken.

The well-appointed bar is run by Nobie’s bar director Sarah Troxell, who is going deep on low ABV and balanced cocktails, while also trying to open up hearts and minds on the versatility of rum. Don’t worry—large-format cocktails and boozier offerings are available. Look for the Seaward (Rhum J.M. blanc, coconut water, lime, mint, falernum) and Low Tide (oloroso sherry, Stolen overproof Jamaican rum, pecan orgeat, orange curacao, lime, bitters) among others, presented in vintage tiki mugs, coconuts, and other kinds of glassware.

Along with that, the beer and wine list curated by Sara Stayer focuses on bitter and floral IPAs, plus easy-drinking lagers like Pacifico, Tecate, and the rice-based Yuzu Lager from Japan. All wines are served by the glass.

The Toasted Coconut, 1617 Richmond, opened September 4.  This is the second concept for husband and wife duo, Chef Martin Stayer and Sara Stayer, of Nobie’s Restaurant. The full service restaurant claims to be the first tiki-ispired concept in Houston to offer a chef-curated menu.

Bar Director Sarah Troxell has created a cocktail menu inspired by her enthusiasm for the tiki culture, which will include 17 libations using various liquors and other spirits bases including some low ABV options. Cocktails like Jamaica Me Crazy with Absolut Lime, hibiscus, cherry, lime, and Topo Chico or the Low Tide, with Oloroso sherry, Stolen Overproof Jamaican rum, pecan orgeat, orange curacao, lime and bitters will transport Houstonians from the streets of Montrose to the beaches of Maui. The waterfall feature will help as well. Troxell will focus on using fresh juices, shrubs and homemade liqueurs in the cocktails. Drinks will be presented in vintage tiki mugs, coconuts or fun glassware with unique garnishes. Tiki-inspired cocktails will be a highlight of the bar program, but there are plenty of classic mixed drinks and spirits available as well.

Inside, the design features Polynesian masks, custom furniture, and a vintage poster from the movie She Gods of Shark Reef. A small portion of the 2,850-square-foot interior has been devoted to "the cool kid's lounge," which features an astroturf floor and beach chairs.

On the menu, chef Stayer and chef de cuisine Ben Ruiz have created a menu inspired by the countries within 20 degrees north or south of the Equator. Some favorites from the Toasty Tuesdays preview pop-ups made it to the final menu, including three kinds of dumplings, pineapple pastor skewers, and mapo tofu waffles fries. Additions to the menu include more skewers (beef, lamb, chicken, mushroom, and coconut shrimp), salads, and bar snacks. Larger format entrees include fried chicken, whole fish with mala sauce, and vegan chickpea curry with roti and fried cauliflower.

Troxell, the reigning CultureMap Tastemaker Awards bartender of the year, takes a lighter, slightly less boozy approach to traditional tiki drinks — although most are still served in tiki mugs, coconuts, or vintage glassware. The Low Tide (oloroso sherry, Stolen overproof Jamaican rum, pecan orgeat, etc.) is a refreshing take on the Mai Tai. In addition to rum-based drinks, patrons will find a couple of tequila cocktails, including the Resting Beach Face, a bottled cocktail that must be shaken prior to drinking. Of course, the bar can still make simple highballs (Jack and Coke, vodka-soda, etc.) for those who want to stick to familiar flavors.

WHEN YOU STEP INTO THE TOASTED COCONUT—the new tiki bar from Nobie’s owners Martin and Sara Stayer, set to open this summer at the former Maria Selma location on Richmond—order Sarah Troxell’s The Lost Word.

The drink is made with fresh-sugar-cane-derived rhum agricole, passion fruit liqueur, green chartreuse, and lime juice; served in a coupe glass; and garnished with a lime wedge, maraschino cherry, and paper umbrella. It carries a tart punch, earthy, grassy notes, and a subtle sweetness. Nothing overpowers.

“We’re looking to bring different spirits to the party,” says Troxell, who will most certainly rock one of her many Hawaiian shirts while mixing up cocktails. “A lot of tiki cocktails obviously focus on rum and sugar-cane spirits, which I love. But bringing things like tequila and mezcal and gin and whiskey and brandy and your off-the-beaten-path spirits to a tropical, beachy environment is definitely something we’re excited to do.”

Is it getting toasty in here, or is it just us? Answer: it definitely is, thanks to chef Martin Stayer and sommelier Sara Stayer and bar manager Sarah Troxell, the masterminds behind Nobie’s.

It’s a tiki takeover at the formerTexas Shrimp Shack space, with tropical dishes galore, especially dumplings, skewers and other top-notch shareables. Martin Stayer says if it touches the 20th parallel, he’ll work it into the kitchen. The Indonesian “queso” is really roti in a sweet curry sauce, and the Crispy Rice Salad is taken out of the Vietnamese handbook.

As for the drinks — prepare for some mind-numbing, rum-heavy classics like the Painkiller, Mai Tai, Zombie and Planter’s Punch — alongside some Troxell signatures, featuring everything from blended scotch to rhum Agricole from the Caribbean.

Nobie's Restaurant owners chef Martin Stayer and his wife, Sara Stayer, are set to debut The Toasted Coconut, a tiki bar at 1617 Richmond Avenue, in the space that once housed Maria Selma. Tiki bars have seen a resurgence in recent years, including around Houston, but this one promises to be the first with chef-driven food on the menu, too. "It's going to be fun playing with the bright flavors of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia," chef Martin Stayer said in a prepared statement. "I am very excited to provide a great place to hang out regardless of whether you are drinking, eating or both. Let's get toasted, Houston." Expect a late summer debut and a fun design that promises to be reminiscent of a beach bar, but set in Montrose.

The team behind Nobie’s — chef Martin Stayer, sommelier Sara Stayer, and bar manager Sarah Troxell — will celebrate their love of all things tiki at this Montrose restaurant that replaces Maria Selma’s/Texas Shrimp Shack. The food menu features dishes inspired by countries within 20 degrees of the equator with a focus on shareable items like skewers and dumplings. Cocktails will both pay homage to classics like the Zombie and the Painkiller and offer alternatives that don't rely on rum and sweet juices.

If the recent presence of Peter Jahnke (Tongue-cut Sparrow) behind the bar at Nobie’s is any indication of future staff, the Stayers will launch the concept with a talented, veteran crew. Send positive thoughts for a mid-to-late-July opening.

Bartender of the Year: Sarah Troxell, Nobie’s
Once upon a time, Troxell cooked on the Eatsie Boys food truck, but stints at Coltivare and Nobie’s have firmly established her as one of the city’s top bartending talents. Her daily libations at Nobie’s always featuring intriguing combinations, and her skills behind the bar propelled her to a win in the regional finals of the prestigious Speed Rack bartending competition.

Sarah Troxell, Nobie's
Three years of practice and training finally paid off for Troxell when she won the South Central finals of the Speed Rack bartending competition to advance to the national finals in Chicago. Win or lose, Troxell is poised for a busy 2019. Later this summer, her affection for all things tiki will reach full bloom when she assumes control of The Toasted Coconut, the new bar and restaurant from Nobie’s owners Sara and Martin Stayer. If the turnout for a recent preview pop-up of tiki drinks and bites is any indication of the excitement surrounding the project, Houstonians can’t wait for Troxell to put her spin on boozy, rum-based drinks.

This spring, a tropical breeze is set to roll through Montrose. Nobie’s chef Martin Stayer will be showing off his take on the tiki theme. The Toasted Coconut, a tiki restaurant and bar, will set up shop at 1617 Richmond Avenue.

Get ready to sip on hurricanes on a sunny 1,500-square-foot patio.

Teaming up with Nobie’s master mixologist Sarah Troxell, Stayer’s new spot is all about the island life, with nods to Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. 

The team behind Nobie's — chef-owner Martin Stayer, sommelier and general manager Sara Stayer (Martin's wife), and bar director Sarah Troxell — will open a second restaurant in the spring. Dubbed The Toasted Coconut, the new concept will be a tiki-inspired bar and restaurant in the former Maria Selma's/Texas Shrimp Shack space at 1617 Richmond Ave. “It’s going to be fun playing with the bright flavors of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia"

Now, Martin Strayer, Sara Strayer, and Sarah Troxell of Nobie’s are opening their own tiki concept. The Toasted Coconut is anticipated to open at 1617 Richmond Ave. in spring 2019, per a release.